Our outdoor gym on a hight of 2000m above sea level

It’s a matter of fact that the “Werfener Hütte” has the first gym that lies at a height of 2.000m above sea level. Here, working out is a pure experience: fresh air, good vibes and the view over the unique panorama of the Tennengebirge range. Sport can be so much fun!


Top athletes from all over the world at our cottage

Here, top-class sportsmen meet up in order to have an unforgettable training session with personal service in a stunning atmosphere. Either football players, bodybuilders or fitness-freaks enjoy the great surrounding and the good vibes at our cottage regularly.

We also host several events, from the sportscamp at heights of 2.000m above sea level to the Bodybuilding Day with Miss Universe Jekaterina Uebelacker on July 20th – join us and be inspired!


Our equipment in the outdoor gym

They are outside, right in the middle of the stunning panorama of the Tennengebirge range – you’ll experience a heights-training of a very special kind. You’ll find the following engines:

  • 4 bar
  • combination machine for pull-ups, dips and leg lifts
  • bench press-machine
  • dumbbells up to 40kg
  • leg extension/leg curl-machine
  • machine for biceps/triceps

Our equipment is regularly expanded!

Your workout experience at our cottage is unique – in the middle of the alps, with a view over the entire valley “Salzachtal” – that’s how you combine fitness with relaxation in the traditional mountains.