Staying overnight at our cottage

At the moment we can’t offer any overnight stays at our cabin!!


Usually you sleep like this at our cabin:

The cottage “Werfenerhütte” can accommodate about 40 persons in 3 different rooms which are typical dormitories that give you the ultimate alpine-hut vibe. There are also 2 smaller, more luxurious sleeping rooms where no sleeping-bag is necessary.

The two smaller rooms (one for 6 and one for 11 people) are located directly in the cottage (they are equipped with cushions, blankets and sheets. For them we charge extra 6€).

The third dormitory is outside the cottage and fits about 20 people (only equipped with woolen blankets, no sheets etc.). Apart from that we offer 2 double rooms for romantic guests and friends of cozy pinewood-beds and our “deer-room” which is just as romantic as the “pinewood-room”. You can book either a double or a triple room.

That unique sleeping-experience you’ll only ever have at a height of 2.000m above sea level.

Showering or washing is not possible at our cottage!!!

Each guest has to bring their own Sleepingbag, bedsheet and head cushion cover because of the corona virus regulations!!! Blankets are only available for a fee over €20,00!


Reservations via email:


Staying overnight at Werfener Hütte

Overnight stay with breakfast/discount for members of the “Alpenverein”/ÖTK
€ 36,-/32,-

Overnight stay/discount for members of the “Alpenverein”/ÖTK
€ 22,-/18,-

Pinewood-room or deer-room with breakfast/double room per person
€ 51,50


Please find the exact cancellation regulations in our terms and conditions.

In general, please try to save water in our cottage since we don’t have running water in winter and only a limited amount in summer. Dogs are welcome yet they may only sleep in rooms and not in dormitories. There is an extra fee of € 15,00 and – due to limited availabilities – please let us know in advance.

Reservations via E-Mail to

*you can find further discount-collaborations via