If you want to cross the plateau you‘ll have to get an ÖAV-card Nr. 13 “Tennengebirge” or the Compass-card “Tennengebirge/Hochkönig”.

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Werfenerhütte – Edelweißhütte (2349 m)

Walking time: about 1 ¼ hours. The trail leads you across a 30m iron-ladder through the valley “Throntal” to the cottage. It is a managed hut on the weekends in fair weather. There is one dormitory for 6 people all year round available.

Werfenerhütte – Eisriesenwelt / Dr. Friedrich Ödl Haus (1573 m)

Walking time: about 5 hours. The trail goes past the „Raucheck“ (2430m) towards the north to the cottage “Dr. Friedrich Ödl Haus”. The trail is marked with the number 212 and is only recommended for experienced hikers.

Werfenerhütte – Leopold Happischhaus (1925 m)

WARNING: there are a couple of updates regarding the cottage “Happischhaus”, please find further information here.

Walking time: about 4 hours. The trail leads you via the cottage “Edelweißhütte” (Streitmandl) to the Leopold Happischhaus (1925m). The road is marked with the number 213.

Werfenerhütte – Laufenerhütte (1726 m)

Walking time: about 9-10 hours. The road leads you via the cottage “Edelweißhütte” eastbound to the “Wenger Scharte” (2077m) and then towards “Bleikogel” (2411m) via the marked road number 213/211 to the cottage “Laufenerhütte” (Abtenau).

Werfenerhütte – Dr. Heinrich Hackel Hütte (1526 m)

Walking time: 6-7 hours. The road leads you via “Thronleiter” to the “Edelweißhütte” and further northbound towards the exit “Happischhaus”, then eastbound towards the “Tauernscharte” (2103m) where you have to descend to the “Dr. Heinrich Hackel Hütte”, road number 213/211.