Directions and ascent

Our cottage is not accessible by car! You can only reach it by foot or by helicopter! Enjoy the quietness of nature, the uniquely fresh air and the view over the valley. You’ll have a breathtaking view from up there.

That’s how you get to the cottage “Werfener Hütte”:

When on the A11-motorway, take the exit “Werfen” or the B159 towards “Pfarrwerfen/Werfenweng”. There are 2 options to park your car and go upwards to the cottage:

  1. From “Unterholz Bauern”
    When in Pfarrwerfen, choose the mountain-road right after the guesthouse “Burgblick” on the left (Odarsiedlung) towards the last farmer (Unterholz). Right in front of the farmer “Unterholzbauer” there is one big parking lot (please check the parking costs) in the wood. From there the ascent to “Alpengasthof Mahdegg” (about 15min) starts, after that there comes a steeper road through the forest.
  2. Ascent from „Wengerau/Werfenweng“ (with possibility to park the car)
    The area around Wengerau is one breathtaking end of the valley and from there it takes you about 15 minutes to get to “Gamsblick”, where the ascent via “Almwiesen” to “Ellmaualm” (about 1,15hours) starts. From there it takes you about 1h to get to our cottage “Werfener Hütte”.
  3. Ascent from “Zistelberghof” (with possibility to park the car)
    Via “Ellmaualm”, takes about 2,45h
  4. Ascent via „Samerhof“ (with possibility to park)
    Via the area “Zistelberg” (Pfarrwerfen) towards “Mahdegg” you have to take the exit “Mahdegg”, then you have to continue on the road for about 1km to get to “Samerhof” and then it will take you 20-30 minutes to reach “Mahdegg”, continuing via pt. 1.

If you take the train, you have to get off at the train station “Pfarrwerfen” where you have to take the “Werfenweng-Shuttle” to “Werfenweng”.
Right in front of the guesthouse “Burgblick” (next to the train station) there starts a paved road. The yellow shields lead you towards “Werfenweng” through the “Wengergraben”. Walking along the river you’ll reach the “Pferdehof Oberegg“ where you’ll directly see the “Zistelberghof”. Just walk a little downwards and take the first possible exit on the right, following the yellow shields via “Ellmaualm” towards our cottage. Altogether it takes about 4h.

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