Alpine Camps Werfener Hütte

There are many events coming up in 2019 at the Cottage “Werfenerhütte”!

Please find the latest news either on our facebook page “Werfener Hütte” or in our events calender.

With the beautiful cottage at a height of 2.000m above sea level as our starting point, we start adventures daily. It doesn’t matter if you are into hiking, running or weight training, there are amazing activities for everyone. The alpincamps have one goal: to encourage your love and passion for sports.

Do you want to get further information or to sign up directly? Welcome to the Daniela Trilety-Alpincamps.

Please consider that the camps take place at a height of 2.000m above sea level hence we ask you to safe water (it’s limited).

Find out more: Daniela Trilety Alpincamps